Isaac Arthur
Science and Futurism

Isaac Arthur runs a YouTube channel and Google podcast where he covers thought-provoking subjects about the universe and futurism.
Isaac Arthur YouTube


Trevor Jones runs a website and YouTube channel where he shows step-by-step guides to shooting deep sky objects with refractor telescopes and DSLR cameras in an entertaining and enriching way.
AstroBackyard YouTube

Lonely Speck

Lonely Speck makes incredible tutorials on astrophotography acquisition and editing.
Lonely Speck YouTube

DSLR Night Sky
Deep Sky Astrophotography

DSLR Night Sky is a YouTube channel that goes over everything from the basics to advanced techniques for deep sky astrophotography.
DSLR Night Sky YouTube

Friends IRL

Bennett Dungan

Bennett Dungan is a fellow who likes coffee too much and does lots of fun and interesting things like photography and javascript / web based projects.

Lafayette Fatso

The Fatso is a friggin friend with a fixation on food for fanatics of fairly ferocious eaters. When your family is famished, check out Fasto’s five point system of reviewing restaurants in Lafayette.
Lafayette Fatso

Brittany Boudreaux Photography

Brittany is a really creative photographer here in Lafayette and she’s well known for pioneering women’s empowerment in the Acadiana area. Check out some of her milk bath and fashion photography for yourself!

Becca Cord with Acadiana Click

Becca makes all kinds of cool videos for local bands and groups. Check out her website and YouTube channel!