My name is Hunter and I sometimes like to document my semi-interesting adventures with wordy blogs and photos. My main hobbies are dissecting movies, science and philosophy audiobooks, photo-adventures, music, and blogging.

I’ll occasionally take a nice photo and so you’ll see them on here sometimes.

I also have a huge appreciation for the cosmos and so I’m working on improving my astrophotography. I’d also like to share other people’s photos and stories on here, so feel free to submit your photos here! I’m always looking out for stargazing parties so if you know of any, send me an invite!

Associated Organizations

  • Abbeville Omelet Festival
  • Acadiana Animal Aid
  • Acadiana Bird Club, Inc.
  • Acadiana Chess Club
  • Acadiana Click
  • Catholic Charities of Acadiana
  • Delta Waterfowl Banquet
  • SETI@home, MilkyWay@home
  • Southern Screen Film Festival
  • St. Pius Catholic Church
  • Yansommi Video Production